The power of words

Words are perhaps the most powerful thing in the world. It was words, that God used to form the world and it has been words that set in motion ever major event in history. Words are critically important for the ones hearing them but just as important for the one speaking them. Words heard or spoken, go straight to the soul and many times set in motion the course of life. Clearly there are situations where people/children have been told they will never amount to anything and that they have no value etc. Even in those tough situations, it was the spoken words (negative words) that forced the person to make a decision to rise above them and become somebody.

For many people, they never had a parent tell them that they loved them and believed in them and that they could accomplish anything they set their mind to. There are others that had only one parent that believed in them which was true in my case. It was my mom. Clearly, just the spoken word is not enough to change a life as there also must be decisions made by the ones hearing the words. But make no mistake. it is words that set the stage and in many situations start in motion the events of life.

While history has no record of this, I must believe that Nancy Lincoln, Morrow Graham, Muriel Waley, Pauline Einstein, Sara Roosevelt, Francis Nightingale, Alberta King and Cassandra Austen told their children that they believed in them and that they were loved. See, it was not them that changed the world, rather it was their children. Ps; see if you can guess the children’s name. A few are obvious but you might have to dig deep on a couple.

There is power in words and a special power and influence in the words of a parent. This Christmas when you are speaking to your children and grandchildren, regardless of age, tell them in actual words what they mean to you and give them words of affirmation, encouragement and let them know you believe in them. KT

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