The other soldiers

We have all most likely heard the biblical story of David in the old testament where he slayed the giant. I want to highlight a part of that story that we never talk about. The other solders.

In the story, the armies of Israel were getting ready for battle with the Philistine army and the Philistines had this giant named Goliath who would come out daily to taunt the Israelites saying “choose a man and have him come fight me, If he is able to kill me, we will become your subjects and serve you but if I kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us.” All the mighty men of the Israelite army were afraid. In comes 15-year old David bringing the soldiers lunch and hears what Goliath says. He tells the solders “I will go fight him.”  The solders rolled their eyes and told the little boy to go on back home where he belongs.

You will have to read the full story, but ultimately the other soldiers had to stand and watch while a boy fought their battle because they were too afraid to do it themselves. This is the point I want to speak about. The solders knew that if David lost, they would be enslaved to the Philistines, yet not one of them stepped forward and offered to go fight the giant. They were more willing to be slaves than to die fighting for their lives.

The point is, there will always be people in your life telling you (front the sidelines) how to do it but unwilling to do it themselves. See, if they are on the sidelines of life, they have all kinds of advice and wisdom, but they are too afraid to ever step into the battle themselves.

So, when you are facing a giant in your life like, debt, marriage, health, self-confidence, self-esteem, job, relationships, etc. be careful not to listen to the other solders (other people) on the sideline telling you how to do it. Listen to your heart like David did and run toward the problem not away from it. KT

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