The only bible some people read

Your example and how you live your life are possibly the only bible some people will ever read.  Simply put, people watch you. If they know you are a believer, they watch you even closer. There are those who will never pick up a bible to read but they will be reading you.

People watch everything from how you speak to how you tip in a restaurant. Regardless of what the news media says, people are looking for examples of what is right and good. The impressions you make (many times without knowing it) could be profound in its impact on others. People need the good news and the good news is, there is a God and he is real and it’s up to us (like a billboard) to show a different kind of life than what they may see in others.

I remember years ago riding with a gentleman in a car and we started talking honestly about our different faiths. I did not try to push my faith on him but simply answered his questions. Once he told me what he believed, I remember like it was yesterday. I ask him if he really believed that. He took a long pause and said, “no I really don’t, it is just what I was taught all my life.”  People are looking for people to emulate and examples to follow.

The next time you leave the house for the day, remember the impact you could have on someone without even knowing it just by how you live your life. KT

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