The one thing

We all have one primary thing that we know in our hearts that we are supposed to do. In fact,  that we have to do.

The theme, “One Thing,” is common throughout the Bible. In the Garden of Eden, you will remember there were two trees: the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Good and Evil. God told Adam and Eve to eat of everything in the garden except from the Tree of Good and Evil. All they had to do was this one thing. It’s important to note that God placed the tree in the “midst” (in the middle) of the Garden. You ask why didn’t he place it hidden in the corner? Well, it was supposed to be a daily choice for them and one that they had to face every day. It’s that way for us also; we all know there is one part of our life that we need to be careful of and stay away from, and it is a daily choice we must make.

The Apostle Paul in the New Testament spoke of “This One Thing I do” setting aside the weight that holds me back and striving toward the mark, of the calling of the high God.  Isn’t that a great example of what God wants for our lives?

We all know there is one primary thing that we are supposed to do and if we don’t do it, we will miss God’s best for our life. Probably no one will even know if you did or did not do it because we hide behind all types of issues and things in our life so no one will ever really know. I know what my one thing is, and you know what your one thing is. I also know that if I don’t do it, I will forever know that I missed God’s best and perfect plan for my life.

You ask what my one thing is…Well, you’re not supposed to ask. Ha.

See, I stutter and my One Thing is the temptation to have the fear of speaking. That’s right, it’s the temptation to have fear. See, I don’t have the fear, but I know it is a temptation away; once I let it begin, I will never be able to stop it. The temptation is to “pull back” and hide behind emails, conference call, but not really go right at the issue. It’s always easier to “hand off” things to other people, be reserved, and not wade out into the uncomfortable area. God has a sense of humor, I am convinced, because he made a man who stutters a salesman. How funny is that? Couldn’t he have found someone better for the job? Well, he could have, but God put me in that job and said I will be with you.

What’s holding you back from being all you were meant to be? Do the One Thing you need to do. I heard a guy say one time “do something every day that scares you and makes you uncomfortable.” KT

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  1. I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk with the Lord. I thank the Lord for the man you are, not just the man you have become, but the man you have always been.
    Much Love

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