The one thing to do in sales

In sales, the one thing to always do, is sale.

Every job is a sales job from working in a hardware store to being a nurse in the hospital. Everyone is a salesman of themselves. The objective is to find what it is you are selling. Is it your voice, your personality, your mannerisms, your intensity, your honesty, your work ethic? It could be all the above but make no mistake about life, we are all salesmen or saleswomen regardless of what our job is.

In any sales organization there is usually one main thing that needs to be kept the main thing. In every organization where humans are involved, there will be people that mislead you, lie to you, talk about you, try to hurt you, secretly enjoy when you fail, are not who you think they are and basically do not wish you well and success. And that’s just in the church. Ha. There are of course good people in every organization and people you can trust. That said, there always seems to be one or two people that are unhappy and they want everyone around them to be unhappy.

In every organization there is that one thing you do to get back on tract and to get past the past.

Hotel AG sells hotels and our lifeblood is new hotel listings. When you deal in transactions, any number of things can happen from buyers that back out of a deal, a seller that changes his mind, getting mislead to not getting hired. Our answer to the problem is simple, just go list some more hotels. That one step seems to be the insulator that cures all the ailments of the past. I have often said, the more you work on, the more you want to work on. When you have just a couple of deals you are working on and something happens, it can steel your spirit and your hope. New listings will always offer the salve to cover old wounds.

Let’s say you are a pastor. Your answer is to go knock on someone door. If you sell insurance, your answer is to meet with a new client today that you didn’t know yesterday. The list could go from ditch diggers to bankers. In every profession there is that one thing you need to keep in focus and never lose sight of. There are times at work where you just need to step back, refocus and go do the main thing. I heard a guy say one time that if your wet wood won’t burn, go get some more wood. That statement is incredibly simple, yet so very true. Just go get some more wood. KT

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