The non-event, event

Have you ever gone on a sales pitch, met a customer/client or went to an interview etc., and it did not turn out at all like you were expecting? Well it has happened to me many times and that is what I want to speak about in this blog post. When you are faced with a situation that “seems” to be a waste of time, take a step back and pause before you react. Regardless of how smart you think you are, you don’t know the future of each encounter and what God may have planned for you. The following story is a good example of what I mean.

At Hotel AG we are in the middle of something that may or may not be a great opportunity for us, but it all started with a failed meeting last fall in NY.

We took a meeting last fall in NY with one of the greatest guys you could ever meet. The meeting was for a specific purpose. We show up his office building for the meeting and are prepared with a great sales pitch and power point presentation and we have all the answers planned out. In short, we are ready.

The guy walks in and after the small talk of introductions we start with the pitch. Three minutes into the pitch, this guy holds up his hand and says ‘we would not be interested in doing that.” I stop and think geez,,, I have flown up here for this one purpose and within three minutes, he says no. I have wasted a day and spent a couple thousand dollars on this meeting.

I did what the prudent thing was to do. Salvage the meeting and see where it take us. We ended up going to lunch with the guy and really bonded and developed a very unexpected friendship. That same guy introduced us to another guy who introduced us to another situation may become one of the best things to ever happen for Hotel AG. Who would have ever expected that?

The point is to always listen to your inner heart before you react because just maybe, God is introducing you to a situation or putting you in a place that you didn’t even know was coming. KT

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  1. Amen to that!! If we can get out of our own self and do what you did and listen, amazing things happen.

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