The memories you carry with you

I have been told (because I am not quite there yet) that as you get older, the memories you carry with you are the ones of your family. While I am not sure, I am certain that your job title, work, sales awards and business mementos will fade in their importance.

It will be the bedtime stories, pancakes with your children and grand-children, decorating the Christmas tree, hugs, the ‘I love you’ s, the simple conversations with your family, popcorn, movies and the list could go on for pages. It won’t be the extra time you spent at the office or the sale you made or the client you satisfied. It will be the memories with the very people whose pictures currently hang on your refrigerator.

Thanksgiving is in two weeks and Christmas a month after that, so after the year we have all had, we should be deliberate in our choice to be there in those moments. It is the memories of those moments that will be the most valuable things you own later in life.  Be relentless in finding and choosing joy this season and make it your Christmas wish. Choose rest, peace, love and joy with those closest to you. KT

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