The house in the mirror

I had a strange moment this morning while heading out to work. The sky was overcast, cold and raining. I got to the end of my driveway and realized I forgot to make sure I had closed the garage door, so I put the truck in reverse to look at the backup camera to confirm I had closed the door.

It was one of those moments where God taps you on the shoulder and whispers to your spirit, stop. I stopped with the truck in reverse with the backup camera showing our home and the strangest thoughts began to unfold in my mind and in my heart.

I realized how very very very blessed I am. As I looked at our home where we have lived for 19 years and the mental video player began to roll. I saw my bride, my daughters, my son in-laws, my granddaughters and all the financial blessings God had enabled my family to enjoy. I flashed back on my daughters when they were still living at home and the joys of graduations, proposals, meals together, special father moments, engagements, weddings, births of grandchildren etc. It was as though the last 19 years of my life played over a five-minute period. I thought about my beautiful wife and partner and our life together and how we met in high school and the 40 years of living we have had together. I realized for the 1000th time how blessed I am to have a wife like Elaine and a family like God has blessed us with.

I saw all this while looking at our home in the backup camera this morning. Sure, I had a lot of things to do today at the office and calls to make and people to meet with, but that moment in the truck at the end of the driveway was far more important that all the other stuff. It was in that moment that God stopped me and let me view a glimpse of the how and the who and the why of my life. I came face to face (in my mind) in that moment with the who (family) and the how (God) that made my life what it is today. It is my hope that between now and Christmas, you will also have a moment that reminds you of the blessings of your life. KT

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