The greatest luxury in life

“The greatest luxury in life is time.” I listen to Andy Stanley a lot, and this is a quote he has said several times that has made an impact on me.

You ask anyone who is at the end of life and they will tell you that the only thing they want is more time. Time is literally priceless, and so often we take it for granted. We just plan our day, week, and year and say I will do this or that and accomplish A, B, and C. The reality is any of us may be called home today, and then all you leave behind is the memories of what you stood for.

When you are close to the end, all the debate about whether there is a God, I believe this or that… it all comes to a screeching halt. When it is just us and the lights are off, we know there is a living God and we all know what decision we have made about him. Salvation is as simple as believing in your heart that Jesus is and was God in the flesh and that he rose from the dead to save our souls. If you are young and life is ahead of you, it is easy to get complacent and take time for granted and just assume you have enough life ahead to make that decision later. Well, you don’t.

There was a funeral for a gentleman that stated in his last will and testament will that he wanted all of his money in the coffin with him. He didn’t want to leave anything to anyone. He wanted it all. His darling wife read his will and confirmed that she would, in fact, meet this obligation in his will. At his funeral while she was paying her last respects, she slipped a check totaling all his net worth into his coffin. Ha.

Do something with the time you have because it is so very precious. KT

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