The greatest business commercial of all time

In life and in business there is a pitfall that is very easy to slip into. That pitfall is not calling and not connecting with your business clients or on the personal level, not connecting with your family.

Within the world of business, this habit is easy to slip into because of email, text, Facebook and other social media outlets. Without knowing it, you have replaced the face to face or voice with easier communications like emails or a text.

One of the greatest business commercials of all time was done for United Airlines in 1990. It was before the internet, emails, text and social media. The commercial starts with all the business leaders around a conference room table and the managing director says that their oldest client just fired them today. The reason was because the company had lost touch with this client. The director said, we are going to go see every client face to face and started handing out United Airlines tickets to his people. At the end of the commercial someone ask the director, who are you going to go see? He said, I am going to see the client that fired us today. The link to the commercial is just below and worth watching.

The point is to never let the true personal connections with a client or a family member be only through media. In life and in business, the magic happens when we get face to face. In business, I try to never forget that people hire who they like and who they trust. You cannot get either of those things through email or a text. KT

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