The five kinds of people

I would love to take credit for the following, but I had lunch today with Harmon Born and this made an impression on me, and I wanted to share it with you.

In every organization, every church and every business, there are five kinds of people. They are referred to as the VPs.

VRPs – very resourceful people. These are the people that are older and have a wealth of knowledge that will share it with you only if asked. They are generally supportive of changes and are a good ally to have within any organization.

VIPs – very important people – These are the ones that once they are convinced of the cause will help you champion the changes. They will get behind and help you. You need these people very close to you.

VTPs – very trainable people – These are the new folks that are impressionable and willing to learn a new way of business. They tend to be loyal people.

VHPs – very happy people – these are the people that are happy as long as things are going the way they want them to go. They are not loyal and will leave when the next best thing comes around. They are concerned with only what they can get out of it.

VDPs – very drainable people – we all know this type. Regardless of what you say or what you do, they will not be happy and they will be talking behind your back. These are the people that are in every organization, but also the very people you need to distance yourself from.

These are good things to remember whatever the business, organization or church you are involved in. It’s been my experience that you will be dealing with these types of people wherever you go, so it’s best to learn how to navigate the waters. KT

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