Test to tell if someone is authentic and genuine

If you ever need to confirm if a person is authentic and genuine, just ask to meet with them at their home. Take one look in the spouse’s eyes and their children and you will know. If they have a dog, just watch the dog around that person and you will undoubtedly know.  If they have a cat,,,, it won’t tell you anything. Ha

See, you will be able to tell if the person is trustworthy and honest by the way their spouse and children act around them. If their children run up to the person and hug them, you probably have a good person. If they shy away or are inhibited, you should be aware.  If the spouse is a woman, one look at her face, tells you everything you need to know. She can’t hide it. You will be able to tell if she believes in her husband or not.

If they have a dog, it’s a slam dunk. A dog regardless of how it is trained, either feels comfortable around a person or not. It is their instinct, and it will override any training. A dog is an open book, and you will know if a person is who you think they are or not. See, a dog doesn’t have work, entertainment, and friends, they only have you. A dog forgives easy but never forgets how you treated them.  The actions of a dog mirror how they feel about their owner and a dog is the best judge of character you can find.

We could probably do away with much of the criminal court system we have today if we would just video the person on trail in a room with a bunch of dogs. Seriously, the way a person’s spouse, children and animals act around them will give you a good look into the soul of a person. I’m not saying I am a good person, but If you come to my house, I have one little fat dog that won’t even bark at you but will sit at your feet of he trusts you and another little runt (Yorkie) that will lick your face. KT

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