Taking things for granted

In life there are so many things that we all take for granted. The term means to underestimate the value of a person or thing. To expect someone or something to always be available.

Last night we were watching a show about a little boy (10 years old) who had lost one eye to cancer and then developed cancer in his remaining eye. His and his family’s choice was for him to live blind or die from cancer. I don’t why, but that image of that little boy has captured my attention. I have thought about it 20 times since last night and have some thoughts.

We/you/me take so much in our lives for granted that we just assume will always be available to us. Physical abilities, eyesight, memory, health, speech, legs, arms, spouses, children and so many more examples that there is not enough room to write them all down.

There are many people who are depressed, down and feel sorry for themselves because of something someone said or did. I have a friend who lost his 16-year-old son in an automobile accident and I can’t imagine and don’t want to ever have to imagine that kind of loss. He told me one day that it put in perspective many of the issues we come across in life. What he meant was those issues mean nothing compared to the loss of his son.

I have often said that there is no such a thing as an atheist. They are just people who have never been afraid yet or held a sick child or gone through a death of a close family member. When America was fighting world war II, in my humble opinion, there were no atheists over there on the front lines, on the ships, in the fighter planes or in the trenches.

Today, right now, look at your life and say a quiet word of prayer and thanksgiving for the things you might be taking for granted and recognize and acknowledge that much of your life is not within your control. This little prayer may help you be thankful this holiday season and help you see joy in the simplest of moments. KT

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