Storms of life

I was watching the news today of this hurricane that is hitting the Gulf Coast of FL and the damage it is current causing. The weather service has been tracking this storm for the better of two weeks and knew with some level of certainty several days ago when it was going to hit, where it was going hit and what storm category would most likely be when it reached landfall.

In our personal lives, it would be great to have an outside source see the storm coming and give us time to get ready. Yes, that would be great but what we usually do is to ignore the signs and then act surprised when the storm hits.

I used to teach an adult couples Sunday school class for many years and we often discussed the idea of getting ahead of the storm instead of waiting for it to damage us. Storms can come in many forms from health, finances, relationships, employment etc. I have heard people say many times that they believed God let them get to the bottom before he helped so they could learn a lesson. That is the furthest thing from the truth. I believe he comes when you call him. I also believe that when you see the storm coming is when you run to God early for help. Not waiting until the storm has destroyed everything before calling on him.

So, like the hurricane, when you see a storm of life coming, get out ahead of it and call on God early and don’t wait till it hits. I believe if we could ask God what he most wants from us in prayer, he would say three words. Honesty, often and early. KT

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