Stepping into it

Many issues with life can be more easily resolved if we stepped forward into the problem rather than waiting until it is a real problem.

In high school, I played middle linebacker for the Morrow Mustangs football team. I absolutely loved the game. It is a wonder I don’t have head issues because we were taught to tackle using our helmet first. Ha. There is this one offensive play that requires a trap block on the middle linebacker. Basically, the center blocks down and the two guards pull and hit you from the blindside. As a linebacker, if you stand and wait until the play if fully executed before you react, you will almost always find your face in the dirt. In order to counteract the trap block, the linebacker has to step into the opening before the two guards know what’s happening. You have about a second to read the play and outsmart the guards. I remember one fine game when we were playing Newnan and I didn’t read the trap quick enough and it was the only time in high school ball that I literally saw a few stars. Needless to say, I didn’t make that mistake again.

In hand to hand combat (Army, Marines, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, etc.), if you let your opposite get set before you react, you most likely just lost the fight. There is nothing that disrupts an opponent more than steeping in close before he can get set.

It is called being offensive versus defensive. If you are having trouble at work, in your marriage, in your relationships, your finances, on your taxes, with your neighbor . . . many times if you move first before letting the situation become a real situation, you stand a much better chance of disarming the other party and getting it resolved. KT

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