Spell check

While I was writing another post, I referenced the term “spell check,” and I remembered something that happened to me that still makes me laugh.

I was in the Navy Reserves and the Marine Reserves at the same time. I remember being at a meeting of the whole Navy unit and our Navy Captain (full Bird) needed to process an instructional order for the whole unit and notify headquarters in writing of the decision. He reported to a Rear Admiral in DC.

He asks me to draft the written order and the cover letter to headquartersback then we had typewriters and no spell check. I had to re-type the order and cover letter probably three times before I got it in executable form.

I presented the documents to my Captain. He read it in full detail and said it was fine, and he executed the official documents under his signature.

I made him a copy for his files and placed the original with the courier to transport the documents to his boss, the Rear Admiral.

The simple letters “E” and “A” have never become as important to me as they did on that day.

After reviewing the documents, later I realized I had my full bird Capitan execute an official order using his title as “Captain of Navel Reserves” get it? Navel as in belly button versus Naval as in Navy. Ha

Well, as you can guess, later that day my Captain realized what had happened and also realized that the documents had left the station and there was no getting them back.

I cannot even spell most of names he called me that day, but what I can tell you is that while he was calling me those names, it was literally all I could do not to lay on the floor and laugh out loud. Imagine the Rear Admiral of the Navy opening a letter address from the Captain of the Navel Reserves.

Still makes me laugh. KT

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