Short Term Memory Loss

In 2020, we could all use a good dose of short-term memory loss. Past failures, lost promotions, what someone said about us, some embarrassing moment, turned down for a job, lost a sale, a bad financial investment, harsh words spoken, loss, anxiety, fear, depression, feeling misplaced in life, etc. and the list for go on for many pages but you get the idea.

Sometimes the most difficult person to forgive, is yourself. Think with me a second outside the vernacular. Does the devil want you to move on from past failures and become who you are supposed to be? The answer is no. The way he prevents this from happening is to continually remind us of our past short comings, failures and life missteps. This my friend is why we need some short-term memory loss as it pertains to our past mistakes. See, the longer you dwell on your past, the less time you can spend on your future. The more time you relive past failures, the less time you have to chart a different course. The more you act in fear, the less you act in hope. The more conservative and cautious you become, the less you can believe again. The more you let the devil control your thoughts with past failures, the less you will let God give you a new vision.

It is impossible to forget our past, but it is possible to stop letting it control our future. Happy 2020. KT

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