Several things that are an irritation

Everyone has some things that irritate them that may not even faze other people. Three of the most common (ha) irritants for me are the following. (1) getting behind someone in line at the convenience store that insists on buying 20 lottery tickets with different numbers for each one. (2) Getting behind a construction truck in the fast food drive through when the driver wants to order for his whole crew and pay separately. (3) the one I encounter the most is at the local Starbucks. We are near a hospital and if you see someone in line wearing scrubs, just go ahead and leave.

The scrub wearers generally want to order for their other nursing staff members and each order is paid for separately and each order usually consists of at least, five adjectives that I don’t even understand. If we looked up the word adjective, it means, a word or phrase related to a noun (the word coffee) to modify or describe it. As a side note, the word coffee is really a very simple noun that needs no elaboration or adjective to describe it. It’s just coffee.

Ok back to Starbucks. Examples of Starbucks adjectives are the following: The size (tall, grande, venti or trenta), hot or iced, decaf or regular, type of milk, the degree of hotness, one-two or three shots, extra mo’ whip, upside down, two or three pumps of whatever, double cupped then you have to tell them if you want a latte, mocha, frap or expresso. So,,,,,, when I see the aforementioned scrub wearing people in line, I just leave and come to the office and make my own. If you see several people in the line wearing scrubs, you might as well pay your quarterly tax return before coming back. Ha

If I were to add a fourth irritant, ok, I think I will. It would be at the bank teller line. If you see person in line with stack of papers or five deposit bags that jingle (full of change) you might as well postpone your banking for the next 30 minutes.

If I really want to humor myself, I look at the common denominator of all four of these irritants and, wait for it,,,, it’s me and my impatience. So, I am giving my fellow Americans a few examples of things that when you see them, you will recognize them and then plan your day accordingly. KT

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  1. Ahhhh, this is funny Keith. For me it depends on the time of day whether I am irritated or not. LOL, so anything could hit my list.

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