Setting the example and leaving a legacy

What is the example we are setting for our children? Is it one of love, integrity, credibility or is it one of strife, jealousy, anger and bad decisions?

My father passed away a little over a year ago and he was fleeced by a woman and her son in the last two years of his life. He married her and proceeded within two years to let her and her son dismantle his whole estate and in the end, disavowing all his children. While she and her son think they have really pulled something over on my dad’s family, what they don’t know is that they will not be in peace. Shortly after his death, this woman and her son threw every belonging my dad possessed that did not have value in the trash. The pieces that had value, they stole and or sold. The only things of my father I have today were items I had already been given.

I was with my brothers and sister last weekend and what came out of the conversation was that what she and her son really stole from us was the good memories of our father. See, when we think of him now, the only memory we have is his final act which was to tell his children he didn’t love them. I believe God is watching everything and he knows the intentions of the heart and this woman and her son will not be at rest or at peace. I and my siblings are.

Why am I telling you this story? It is so you can understand the power of setting the example and leaving a legacy. Being true to the end should be the goal we all have.

I believe the greatest thing we can do for our children and grandchildren is to be the example they need to see. Every single person alive want (they might not say it) to have examples in their life. They want to follow someone that stands the test of time and finishes the race and leaves a legacy of honor, credibility, integrity, and honesty. Everyone wants a hero and I just think there is a special anointing and favor that follows people willing to set the example. My grandfather (dad’s dad) was that way. He always had time for me and always made me feel loved. He was a farmer and not wealthy when he died but his memory will live long in my heart. He gave us kids the one greatest gift he could. The gift of unconditional love.

When the Lord calls me home, it is my hope and prayer that I leave behind the gift of unconditional love for my daughters, son in-laws and all my grandchildren. I also believe the bible when it tells us that “great is the man who leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.” That is something I fully intend to do. Unlike my father, I intend to always say and show my love for my family. Merry Christmas! KT

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