Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer

Respect lasts for a long time. Attention lasts about a minute.

There is no lack of people in the news that seek only one thing, attention. They don’t understand that every time you do something that attracts attention makes it more difficult to get respect. Being respected is much more valuable than attention.

I am working this deal that has been difficult and last week we had a zoom call with the principals. As these things often happen, it started off with a little ego getting in the way but after 30 minutes, I watched as the momentum changed and was replaced with respect for the other party. More times than not this step is often needed in any merger, sale, JV, or transaction and its not taught in any real estate school or any management courses. It is instinct and knowing the nature of people.

Far too often we see and hear from someone who has an active social media account and all they want is a sound bite and some short-term attention. When you get attention that is all you get. Short term gratification.

The bible tells us to be wise and redeem the time we have. There has never been a better piece of advice. I suspect that at your funeral, you will not be remembered for the moments of attention, rather your history of respect. That is what you will be remembered for. Respect takes much longer to achieve but it lasts oh so much longer and flows through your generations to come. There couldn’t be a better lesson to teach (and show) our children and grandchildren than to seek respect. Its not the kid that always gets mad on the playground rather, it is the soft spoken, levelheaded, mature kid that goes on to do great things in life. KT

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