Sales Calls

If you are in sales of any kind, making sales calls is the single most important thing you can do. It is also an easy thing to let slide. It takes commitment to do a little every day.

People in my business start out thinking they need to have a thousand clients to be successful. You do not. All you need is a hand full of clients that trust you and use you for their real estate needs and you can build a career on a small number of people.

When I started out, I would spend several hours a day making sales calls to anyone who would talk to me. Back then I did not know a good client from a bad client, so I called them all and did so frequently. You see, in a sales company, one call every year does not earn their business. Clients give their business to the broker who they know the best and the one they know the best is usually the one they converse with the most.

I tell young brokers starting out, find three-five clients who will take your call and go see them. I think my first year, I drove close to 100k miles because back then it was what it took. In this day and age with all the other means of communication, it is easy to get away from making old fashion sales calls, but clients respond to the personal touch. A text, tweet, email etc. just does not mean the same as a personal call.

When I am speaking with someone and I hear key stroke typing in the background, I know they are focused on something else and not paying attention to me. Therefore, when I take a call, I make sure to give them my undivided attention. The simple things make a difference. People do not respond well to fluff and telling them how great you are. Simple is always better. If they want to know your history, tell them but do not start the call with your accolades. People can sense straight talk and trust me; they appreciate it more.

So if you in sales or not, the same philosophy applies. If you work in an office, be sure to stick your head in your boss’s office often. Let them know you are there and care. If you are in sales, set a goal for each day to make a few sales calls. It will keep you sharp and relevant. KT

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