Road Signs

When you are driving, there are road signs that help keep you safe and out of trouble and warn you of potential danger ahead. In life I believe we also have road signs along the way. Some people pay attention to the signs. but many people just ignore them.

Everyone reading this blog understands what I am trying to say. We all know there are warning signs in life and many of us at times have ignored them because we thought we knew what was best. We all are smart enough to see danger and adjust. The real question is if you want to acknowledge it or not.

Some common examples of road signs are – stop, do not enter, speed limit, yield, do not pass, detour, buckle up, steep decline ahead, proceed with caution, speed bump, no left turn, slow-dangerous intersection, dead end, wrong way,

When you see these road signs, think with your heart for a moment. We have many of these instructional signs in life. Right? Take the signs, stop or wrong way for example. I don’t know about your life and the decisions you have made, but I remember buying those restaurants 31 years ago and God giving me signs that I needed to stop. I just didn’t want to listen. The result was eight years of financial struggle. Had I just listened to the signs, it would have saved me much heartache.

Therefore, there are road signs in life that we need to pay attention to. It is God giving you the driving instructions. When you sense danger ahead, don’t just ignore it and plow into it. The older you get (I have found out) the more you see road signs that warn of possible danger. Many of these I would have never thought of when I was younger. That is why the bible says in the book of Job 12:12 “is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long-life bring understanding?” KT

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