Ripple in the water

Last week, a very prominent leader in the hotel industry passed away from pancreatic cancer. When I say prominent, I mean probably the most recognized and important person in the hotel industry. He was my age and a great leader but more importantly, a very good man.

The day after his passing there were many news articles about him that was good to see but within a couple of days, it seemed that the hotel industry, and the news media simply moved on. It was almost like pulling your figure out of the water. It just closed back up quickly, and it was as though it never happened. This really saddened me to see this.

Clearly, for his family this was not the case where I am sure his presence will be mourned for years. The point I am making is this. Sometimes it seems that we pour our lives into the people that will remember us for the shortest amount of time and not the ones that will carry our memory with them. We all have obligations, jobs, and responsibilities we must do but as we go about our days, it is important to plan time with the ones that will remember you the longest. Certainly for me, and i would guess for you as well, is our family. KT

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