Red Lights and Green Lights

I was consulting with a young man recently who had an job offer to change career paths. On the surface, it looked like a great opportunity for the guy. The advice I gave him is advice I wish someone had given me 34 years ago before I purchased those fast-food restaurants and a few other financial moves I have made.

I told him, if you have the courage, tonight when you get alone, ask God if this is the right choice for you. I used the word courage because many times we don’t want to ask God because we are afraid of what the answer is. I painted a mental image for him using red lights and green lights. I said, if you get green lights from God, I will be your biggest cheer leader, but if you get red lights, step very carefully.

As I look back over my life, I wished I had used this simple advice myself because I would not have made some of the missteps along the way that I had no business being involved in. I guess you could say I have a double PHD on what not to do again. Ha.

This was a big decision for the young man but in our lives, the same advice helps with even the smallest of decisions. James 1:5 is probably the verse I have leaned on more than another verse in the bible because it promises wisdom if you simply ask. I memorized it years ago and probably whisper that prayer at least once a day.

As we go into the holiday season where every light is red or green, when you see the lights, think about this blog post, and carry the advice with you. It does work if only we have the courage to ask. KT

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