Rags to riches

I find that reading rags to riches stories really doesn’t motivate me. They are great stories and history lessons but reading about how someone who had a billion dollar idea doesn’t turn the crank in my engine. What motivates me is my family. Simple but true.

I have a vivid memory of being at the point of bankruptcy in 1990 and looking at my two little girls who were believing in me to make it ok. I remember being so debt burdened that I could hardly breathe and coming home and having my two daughters run up and get in my arms. They had no idea the pressure on me but they loved me in spite of bad financial decisions I had made. My goal was very simple. Get out of debt so that my family could breathe. That’s it. That was the goal.

Seeing social media guys, internet people, wall street investment folks making a lot of money is fine and good but I believe if you know the reason, you will by the grace of God, find the way. To me, it’s really about knowing why. For me the why was two sets of little eyes looking at me when I got home. It was the innocence of my two babies that made me want to be the best man and father I could be.

So as you hear about success stories and other people that made it big, just remember that what drives you is probably like what drives me and it is the simple things of the people you love and the type of family you want to have. KT

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  1. Keith, you are without a doubt the best example of what a Husband and Father should be that I have ever seen. Love you brother.

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