Protecting the original

Years ago, I bought a new Chevy Tahoe and removed the original factory floor mats and put some cheap rubber ones in their place. I put the factory floor mats on a shelve to save them and keep them like new. I had that Tahoe for about eight years and after about year three, I looked at those cheap rubber floor mats and ask myself, “why am I saving the factory floor mats for the next owner?” I decided that if anyone was going to ruin the nice factory floor mats it should be me. I threw those rubber ones in the trash and put in those original mats and drove the Tahoe like that for the next five years.

Do you remember those plastic covers some people put on their couch and chair to protect it? I was over at a friend’s house and his mother had those squeaky cold plastic covers on her couch. Who was she saving the couch for? Those things were awful.

My point is, in life we sometimes want to save the best things for another time. What if another time never comes? What if the Lord calls you home before you got the chance to use that fine china or the sterling silver flatware or the fancy drinking glasses? What if you never got another change to wear that suit or that dress or those shoes?

My opinion is to use it now while you can and thoroughly enjoy it. Wear it out from the inside so it will be no good for someone else. Put holes in those special shoes, use that fancy room in the house, drive that car, go say hello to that neighbor, call that family member and the list could go on for pages. Get all the joy from it because that someday you are waiting for, may never come. KT

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  1. I totally agree. I use everything I have on ordinary days because an ordinary day becomes a special day when you wake up.

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