Pointers and Flushers

South Georgia is known as the quail hunting capital of the US. They have these big hunting plantations with lodges, staff, hunting guides, shooting ranges, all the food you want and just about everything you could expect on a hunting excursion. I have been many times because the whole experience is outdoor heaven. These quail farms have hunters come in and stay in the lodge the night before the hunt and they serve dinner (family style fried chicken) and a breakfast the next morning that would choke a horse. All the fireplaces have logs burning, cigars are lit and the conversation and atmosphere is hunting at its finest. When I go with a group, we always spend more time on the skeet/trap range than we actually do hunting. We usually have 6-8 guys and we have shooting competitions on the skeet range and basically see who is the top dog-smack daddy in the group. The actual hunting part where you shoot birds, I can take it or leave it but the environment and setting is what I go for.

There are two kind of quail bird dogs. Pointer and flushers. Basically the pointers run around like crazy until they get a scent of a bird at which point they freeze, raise their tail and point toward where the birds are. The flushers are the ones I really like because once the pointers have identified the location of the birds, the flusher just runs and jumps into the bush where the birds are hiding which causes the birds to fly. You then shoot at the birds in flight and that in summary is quail hunting.

If I was a dog, I would want to be flusher and not just a pointer. The flusher is the ones that get called in to do the job where as the pointers just run around crazy until they find the bird. Another thing is that the flusher is usually not a barker. He just takes his time and saves his energy until he is called on. The pointers are usually skinny dogs because they are always running around whereas the flusher is usually a beefier dog.

You already know where I am going with this don’t you? Ha

In life there are the people that just point to what is needing to be done and then there are the ones who actually do the doing. In business, sales, life, churches and most any other group that exist, there are the ones that see the opportunity but don’t want to do it and then there are the ones that jump into the bushes of life because that is where life is lived at its best.

In my humble opinion, we shouldn’t just point to what needs to be done and hope someone else will do it. It is much more fun to jump in and flush it out. KT

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