Picking the date to stop

I was with a very dear friend this week who is really like an older brother to me. Our relationship goes back many years and it is one that I cherish.

We were discussing a certain area of his life where strife, for the past five years seems to have stolen much of his love, joy and peace. I ask him a question that we all should ask ourselves in situations like these. How long will I let it control my life? It may sound funny when you ask it out loud but I ask him are you going to continue in strife for another 5 days, a week, April 20th etc. I ask him to pick a date that he will forgive, release and move on with his life.

He ask me something that only a dear friend world ask. He said, you choose the date and I decide now in advance that I will do what is needed on that day to move on with my life. That day I choose is this Sunday. Might as well do it on the Lord’s Day.

We all have had situations that have happened to us that cause anger and strife. One of the key ways to know if you have anger and strife in your life is if you find yourself standing at your mirror or driving your car while talking to yourself about what you should have said and what you want to say to them.

It is our choice how long to carry it. I use the term “carry it” because it is so true. When you carry around envy, strife and anger it is like you are walking through life with a 50 lb. backpack on. It goes with you wherever you go. At some point we all need to take off the backpack and stand tall and move on with our life.

If you are in strife against another person, choose the date you decide to stop letting it have control over your life. There is really something almost spiritual about making that decision rather than letting the situation control you. KT

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