Picking teams on the play ground

You remember when you were in grade school and all the kids would line up for two teams. There would be two captains chosen who would then pick the teams. As the picking process would happen there were always the ones that were picked toward the end. The captains were the popular kids and they would pick their friends first and the ones picked toward the end were usually the little skinny kids that wore glasses and were a little shy. This would happen on baseball fields, play grounds and basketball courts all over America.

Well I was one of the last ones usually picked because I was little, skinny, shy and I wore glasses. Ha

So here I am the other day at the Cross-fit gym right back in grade school. I joined the Cross-fit gym a month ago and they have these endurance sessions that usually last 15 minutes and there is a series of lifting and exercise things you have to complete. Just like every gym, there are the “max flex” guys that live for the gym and like to walk around like strutting peacocks showing off their bods. Honestly,,,, if I had a bod like that, I might just be tempted to stud around also. Ha

So we have to team up for these exercises and wouldn’t you know, I got picked last. I am a good 20 years older in the class than all the max flex guys and girls in spandex shorts that are 2 sizes too small. I am the old guy, I was last to be picked. It was like school all over again. It’s hard to get energized if you get picked last. It’s like batting first in the baseball game when you were picked last. You aren’t batting first because you are good, rather you are batting first so they can get you out of the way early.

What does all this mean in life? I frankly have no idea. Ha. KT

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