This morning I was leaving home heading to the office which is about one mile from my house. Tough commute, ha. I decided to swing by Starbucks first and pulled in only to see that some person had parked their van across two parking spaces. Keep in mind now that I haven’t been driving in traffic for an hour. My commute is like three minutes, so when I say I was irritated, there is simply no suitable explanation. I was driving my car that has a six-speed transmission and trying to navigate the parking lot at the Starbucks hoping to catch a glimpse of the dude that used two parking spaces.

When I got parked and started walking to the coffee shop, I looked over at the other side of the van and saw a wheel chair with a man that was maybe 40 years old.

To say I was humbled, would be an understatement. I was immediately disgusted with myself for thinking the worst before giving the other person the benefit of the doubt. I was also overwhelmed with incredible gratitude for things I way too often take for granted.

Me and God had a little talk after that about a very important aspect of life, wanting what you already have. I want to say that again. Wanting what you already have. KT

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