One more day

Life can change so quickly. Don’t wait to do what you know you need to do. Every single one of us knows in our heart what changes we need to make in our lives. There are no gray areas, no questions and everyone knows what to do. We just sometimes don’t want to do it.

I have attended many funerals for people far too young to have passed away. I suspect that with many of them, they woke up that morning and did not know it was their last morning. The bible says to not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. That is very sound advice for family, health, business and life in general. It doesn’t mean you have to accomplish the full thing, it just means you have to start. It is the starting where I believe God gives us a special grace and a special anointing for that moment because he knows it is the most fragile period. The starting point is the hardest part.

I believe each person who is at the one yard line of life, if they have their mental faculties, want one more day. If they were given that one more day, they would tell everyone in their life that they love them, they would do the best they could to fix a strained relationship. They would do the most important things for their family so there would be no question, they were loved.

There are some things I can change in my life and some I can’t. For instance, I am ugly and I stutter, but there is nothing I can do about those things. It is how God saw me in his eye before I was conceived in my mother’s womb. He knew a thousand years ago exactly what I would look like and be like and talk like and the precise time era I would live in. On grave stones there is a beginning date and an ending date and usually there is a dash between the dates. God knows the length of the dash and he knows exactly when we will be called home. Yes, called home. That is what heaven is, our ultimate home and he knows exactly when each of us will open the front door to that home.

Don’t put off doing what you know you need to do. In fact, do it or start it before you go to bed tonight and ask God almighty to give you the strength and will power to see the decision through. We all have fears and anxiety and all hide things behind the veil so other people can’t see it but we know what needs to be done.

Face the fear of the thing you are most afraid of and I believe you find out that it is simply a shadow. Psalms 23 says; that we shouldn’t have fear when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Let me say that again. The valley of the shadow of death. Have you ever seen your shadow? It is much larger that you actually are. It looks scary because it is so large. That is what God is talking about in Psalm 23. He says to not let the size of the shadow scare you into thinking it is so big. The thing you probably fear the most, when you face it head on, is probably not that big after all. KT

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