I was at a gathering yesterday, and it was one of those moments when I was fully aware of the fact that this moment would never happen again.  Let me explain. I realized there may be similar moments in my future, but there would never be a moment just exactly like this one again.

Sometimes we need to really notice places, people, events and actually be in the moment. So many times our mind is somewhere else, and we miss the memory that moment would be.

Yesterday, Elaine was looking through “The” drawer/cabinet we all have. You know the one where the old pictures and keepsakes are kept. Well, we started looking through old photographs and pictures of our lives from an early age, high school, young and married, etc. You know what came to my mind and why I am writing this blog today? You have no control over how long you will live. The moments today and the memory of those moments you will never have again.

So, forgive people often, give more and give more often, tell the ones you love how much you love them, kiss your daughters and sons (whether they want to be kissed or not) and be in the moments of your life. You will never have another day exactly like today. KT

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