New COVID inspired words

  1. Coronaspeck – an expression for the weight gained in lockdown.
  2. Dracula Cough and Sneeze – cough and sneeze like Dracula basically means make like Dracula raising his cape to cover his face and sneeze in your elbow.
  3. Covidiota – person who isn’t following lockdown rules. In English, you’d say covidiot.
  4. Zumped – the new COVID-inspired phrase for breaking up with someone over video
  5. On-nomi – friends drinking together online.”
  6. Quarantini – he English word for what you’re drinking while you’re sitting at home.
  7. Zoom Bombing – the people you didn’t want to see in your digital get-meeting.
  8. Spendemic – refers to the increase in online shopping during the pandemic.
  9. Coronials – an increase in birth rate since more time spent in the home could lead to a new version of millennials
  10. Quaranbaking – the therapeutic act of baking during lockdown
  11. Hamsterkauf – if you see people (like a hamster) who stock up hoarding bottles of water, toilet paper etc. you’ve come across a hamsterkauf.

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