New Boat prices

We have a 19-year-old ski boat that runs just fine and does want we want it to. It is a little ruffled around the edges and not flashy and needs a wax job, but it still looks pretty good.

Last weekend we were out on our dock watching people swim, paddleboard, Kayak and ride by in boats. I was a little shocked by how many new boats I saw. I do not mean these little 16 ft deals with a 50-horse mercury like my dad used to own. Oh no, I mean a new Ski Nautique, Malibu Wakesetter, Master Craft X-Star etc etc. These type boats are priced north of 200k, and I bet I saw fifty.

As they went by carrying five or six flat-belly dudes drinking a beer and several scantily clad ladies while playing music from groups I have never heard of, I could not help wondering who bought those boats for them.  Probably daddy. Side note-Driving a boat with an open beer container will get you thrown in the poky and your boat impounded.

Anywhoo, I was watching these folks ride by in their high dollar boats and I looked over at my 19-year-old boat with a stereo that only plays Creedence Clearwater Revival music, and I realized sometimes, what you already have is all you need. KT

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