My friend Joe and being thankful

Earlier this year I told you about my friend Joe who is 52 years old and was waiting for a heart transplant. The doctors had done all they could and his body was swelling so badly he couldn’t leave the house.

I want to tell you about Joe’s progress. Late spring he got the call from the hospital and was told to be there in two hours. He had heart and lung transplant. Two weeks ago I was thinking about him so I called him on his cell phone. When he answers, I hear road noise in the background and music playing. He and his wife were driving back from Vermont after spending time with their family. He was so happy on the phone.

I wanted to shed a tear for Joe because he was ok.

This Thanksgiving I would ask you to think about what are you thankful for and what is standing in your way of being thankful and full of joy. KT

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