Mental Backpack

Years ago, with several friends, we decided to go hike the Appalachian trail for a couple of days. None of us were experienced. We found out after the fact that the weight of your backpack and all its contents should not exceed 20% of your weight.

I packed mine with cans of beef stew, Beanie Weenies, bottles of tea etc. My pack weighted about 65 pounds. We parked the cars and the first climb right out of the gate was about a half mile on what seemed like at a 45-degree angle to the first rest station. I almost didn’t make it. When I did, I had used a full day’s worth of energy in the first hour. Ha. We ate all the heavy food that day to lighten our packs. The next day was a lot easier because my pack was much lighter.

My point – many times we carry a mental backpack with us everywhere we go. In that pack is all the hurts, slights, and emotional baggage from our past. Picture in your mind a person carrying a heavy backpack everywhere they go, even to the bathroom. They carry it because they want to keep all the pain with them and refuse to set the backpack down.

Forgiveness is the most powerful answer we have for past hurts. Forgiveness doesn’t require the other person to accept it. You are in full control to give forgiveness or carry the unforgiveness in your backpack. My advice – Lighten the load and start pulling out the items you’ve been carrying for years. It will make your hike through life much easier and much more enjoyable. KT

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