Masters/ Augusta National little-known facts

The first-ever Masters Golf Tournament was held in 1934. It was first called the Augusta National Invitation Tournament and the name was changed to Masters Tournament in 1939
At the inaugural Masters in 1934, the total purse was $5,000, with $1,500 going to the winner.
The 1967 Masters was the first sporting event ever broadcast live to an overseas audience.
In the history of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National, there have been 33 holes-in-one, including two in 2021.
The tradition of awarding the tournament winner a green jacket did not begin until 1949. The Green Jacket comes with some rules – jackets are kept on club grounds, taking them off the premises is forbidden. The only exception is for the Masters winner, who is allowed to take their jacket home for one year, then must be returned to the Club. Gary Player is the only Masters Winner to not have his Jacket locked up at Augusta. He was able to keep it by “forgetting” to bring it back after he won the 61’ tournament.
Almost everything is wrapped in green for a very good reason. Between the Green Jackets and the golf course itself, there’s a lot of green to be seen at the Masters. This color trend carries over into the food options, with beverages typically being served in green cups and sandwiches and snacks wrapped in green paper. The reason? So that any piece of trash a patron might drop won’t show up on TV.

Augusta National is ran as an absolute dictatorship. The chairman makes all the decisions and there is never a vote among the members. What he says, goes.

Funny story. My friend Spooky Craddock tells the story of Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower when we was the sitting president of the United States. Some will remember there used to be a big tree in the 17th fairway that stuck out well into the fairway. Every time Ike would play, he would hit his ball into that tree. One business meeting, Ike was present when Clifford Roberts was chairman of Augusta National and Ike (remember he was the US President) stood up and said, “I make a motion that we cut down that tree on the 17th fairway” and sat down. Clifford Roberts said “sir you may be the president of the United States but I am the chairman of August National and your motion is denied. Anyone else have anything they want to say?” it was crickets. ha

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