Live each day as though it was your last

We have had friends and people we know that died early. Many were within our own age bracket and many were sudden with no time to plan. As I reflect on this, I wonder if they were ready and did they hurry through life’s most precious moments. Life is a very fragile thing and you can be called home at a moment’s notice. Therefore, I suggest to live each day as though it was your last.

Most times, the most perfect moments don’t cost anything. Usually, it is about being mentally where you are physically.

This past week, I was driving in the northern states and I didn’t have the radio on and was simply looking at the fall season happen before my eyes. I didn’t answer any emails, respond to any texts, answer any calls (except from my wife), and I choose to just live in that moment. It is really a simple thing to stop the racket and be in a moment.

I believe when you are on the one yard line of life, what will matter most is the relationship you have with God and the relationship you have with your family. I think the images that will come before your eyes are of your small children and grandchildren holding out their arms and telling you they love you. The joy of laughing with your wife and your children. It’s the look on your family’s faces on Christmas morning and the joy of knowing that all is well in the world. “Silent Night” was written about the peace of a moment.

Take a moment and really see what is around you. Choose the simple joys and choose to put the world on the shelf for a few hours. These will be the moments you will remember. KT

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