Little dresses in the closet

Last night I was upstairs in our home looking for something and when I opened the closet door in one of our granddaughter’s rooms, I was taken back. Hanging in the closet were dresses and onesies and outfits (that’s what girls them) that belong to our granddaughters. I looked around the bedroom and there were toys, coloring books, dolls and games and the rooms even smelled like my babies.

I paused and realized how very precious this time period in my life is. This period will speed past just like it did when these same rooms were my daughter’s room’s years ago. I was struck by the awareness of how fast time passes and how quickly children grow up, graduate, leave home and get married.

My personal advice is to take in the moments and recognize how precious they really are. Lock in those memories to keep for another day because there will be a day when they will outgrow the dresses, the room, the home and will go find their place in the world. As a parent you have only a few years to teach them and impress on them what is important in life.

As I walked back downstairs I prayed a silent pray that we taught them the real things that matter in life. KT

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  1. You are so right about time passing quickly. I am so glad my house is loud and messy sometimes because all too soon it will be just me here.

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