Life Dreams

Dreams are sometimes a funny thing. They can happen when you least expect it.

Type A people like to plan every detail of their life and set weekly, monthly and yearly goals. They want to be in full control of their future. The problem is no one has ever been able to control their future and events in their life. Life happens and we deal with it as it comes.

The life you have dreamed of and hoped for doesn’t come on our schedule or when we think it should. Many people never get to live their dream but there are also many people who do. The funny thing is, it can happen when you least expect it and it can come in the form you never envisioned. We as humans think in the vernacular but God acts in the unexpected.

The bible says in proverbs 16:9, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord established his steps.” In many of my blogs I refer to being on the right road of life. When you are on that road there may be times when you can’t see a gas station or an restaurants and it may look bleak but it is in those periods you just need to know in your heart that you are on the path (road) God wants you on. Dreams are something like driving on a road. You might be slugging uphill thinking; will this ever change, and then you look up and see the destination. The city you were dreaming of.

You can’t plan it, schedule it or force it to come but every now and then, when you least expect it, your dream shows up. KT

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