Letting your foot off the brake

This blog is not about driving a vehicle. It is about keeping your control when you are angry. I call it, keeping your foot on the brake. In some ways it is like driving a car when you have two pedals to choose from. You have the gas pedal and the brake pedal. In a stressful situation you have to be very careful not to let your foot slip off the brake pedal.

I have found that when you let your foot slip off the brake pedal, you can and will say things that you can never get back. Many sales, jobs, marriages, relationships and all manner of life have changed because someone let their foot of the brake and started saying things that cannot be undone. Once that barn door opens and the words leave your mouth, all the apologies in world cannot get the relationship back to the place it was before you said what you said.

We have all been there when we said something or wrote something and as soon as it leaves your mouth or your inbox, you wish you could take it back. The problem is you can’t. Anger is one of the subliminal tools Satan uses on us. He knows if he can get us to let our foot off the brake we will usually say or write something that will hurt us or those around us.

Keeping in check while under stress if one of the greatest characteristics of a true leader. A calm and controlled response is a very very powerful thing. It allows you to stay in control of your tongue and allows you to keep a relationship in tack versus destroying it. It keeps the bridge between you and the other person and while the other person will never admit this, it builds their respect in you and will allow you to very possibly find a solution to the situation. KT

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