Keeping a stamp book

In the old days, people would save stamps in a book to redeem for gifts. Today, some people collect wrongs, slights, hurts and betrayals in a mental “stamp” book and wait to bring it out in an argument. In the heat of the moment, they take out their stamp book and say things like, you did that, you said this, you didn’t do that, you, you, you.  

That must be a very tiring way to live life but there are many people who live by this philosophy and keep their life in a stamp book close to their heart. I was once deeply hurt by some friends, and I was tempted to lash out but a quiet spirit inside led me to just forgive them and move on. Forgiving them was the best thing I could have done because holding on to it, would only hurt me. It is like pointing a finger at someone only to see three fingers pointing back at yourself.

Keeping a stamp book waiting to redeem it, causes strife, anger and resentment which can result in you losing your way. Forgiving them, allows you to go forward with your life. There are people that live their whole lives blaming someone else for their pain. You have heard that revenge is best served cold? Well forgiveness is best served hot right when it is happening. It saves you a lot of restless nights and second guessing of yourself. Jesus forgave the Romans while he was being crucified on the cross, so surely, we can forgive a cross word or hurtful deed, or an untruth said about us. KT

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  1. Amen. I have found that nothing is more liberating than to forgive someone who will never say they’re sorry or even recognize they were wrong.

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