Joy light switch

Sometimes it is hard to find Joy even though you have all the reasons why you should have it. It can be elusive. It can be close but just out of reach. It can be seen but still be unattainable. Joy is hard to get and sometimes even harder to hang on to.

The pressures of life, family and work many times crowd out peace and joy. If only there was a light switch to turn it on, it would be easier for us to obtain.

Here is the light switch. The most important point is to follow what you believe, not what you feel. Let me say that again. Follow what you believe, not what you feel. Feelings will mislead you. So, back to the joy light switch. Wait a minute, I need to tell you one more thing. Your first thought will be to discount what I am about say as hogwash so just do this for one day where no one can see you. What will it hurt to do this one day? After you do this one simple thing, you will know in your heart what I am saying. So on with it.

Stand in front of a mirror at home or look in your rearview mirror when you get in the car. Make sure to look at yourself when you say this. If you are in the car, trust me, people will just think you are on your Bluetooth or hands free phone. Look in the mirror, smile as big as you can and say “I am a child of God and I choose that this day will be full of joy.”

Many times we let our physical man lead our spirit man because of what we feel. It is supposed to be the spirit man leading the physical man because of what you believe.

Give it shot. What do you have to lose? KT

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