I never got that far in my dreams

When Bubba Watson won the masters golf tournament last year, they were interviewing him afterwards. He said while growing up and dreaming about a career in professional golf, “I never got this far in my dreams.” He was crying and so very humble. It made you want to pull for him.

What a profound statement. “I never got this far in my dreams.” Think about that a minute. We probably all have experienced that. I know that when Elaine and I were just starting out, I could not even dream of the life we have today. With no formal education, my biggest dream was good job, healthy family and a stable life.

I believe God looks at us and knows our dreams but he also knows our potential. His dreams are always far and away larger and so much bigger than we can imagine. I believe if you let him, he will take you to a place you never could imagine being.

Our level of dreams are based largely on our environment and the people around us but God’s dream and perfect will for our life is the unimaginable and the gift from God almighty. KT

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