Hunter / Miner

Over the years there have been many people that have tried the hotel brokerage business and only a small percentage have made it a career. The reason is simple, as with most any business and certainly the hotel business, you have to want it. There is no causal show up and lollygag through the day. When you think of every hotel broker that has made it in our business, that are all Hunters and Miners.

When think of a hunter, they wear all kind of preparation for the hunt including but not limited to a flashlight or headlamp to find their way. It’s the same for a miner. They are all geared up and have a headlamp to show the way. Sure, the weapons of their trade are important but its interesting that the most important equipment is the old fashion flashlight. Without that, there would be no mining and very little hunting.

In our business I have had maybe a handful of situations where an owner calls me and says upfront, I want to hire you to sell my hotel. It doesn’t work that way. Most of the time its like following the breadcrumbs. The brokers that have made it in our business find that first breadcrumb and then turn on their flashlight and dig out the business. Most brokers think they are above having to dig deep for a deal and that is why they last for a few years and then go on to an easier job somewhere.

Isn’t it kind of that way in many areas of our lives? Marriage, business, exercise, financial, relationships etc. You have to want it. Apathy (lack of interest) is the main reason that our efforts many times fail. If you are in sales, management, construction, office work or any other type of business, the one thing that clients and employers want to see the most when they talk to you, is the beam from your flashlight. It is right there in the eyes of the people that want it. KT

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