His eye is on the sparrow

There is a great old church song titled “His eye is on the Sparrow.” It is a song that depicts the innocence of a little Sparrow bird in a big world and that if God has his eye on the sparrow, you better believe he has his eye on you.

There are eight passages of scripture that reference a Sparrow. In all passages, the use of the word Sparrow is used in the context of a little bird with little value and yet the bible says that not one of them is forgotten by God or overlooked by God. What a powerful mental example of the way God looks at you and me.

Are you in a place where you doubt God can see you? Trust me when I tell you this, he knows how many hairs you have on your head now and how many you had yesterday. Do you really think there is such a place mentally, emotionally or physically where you can go that God does not know what is going on? It is foolish to think so. He knows how many times your heart has beaten since you were conceived, and he also knows how many more times before he calls you home.

When you feel that you are someplace that God cannot find you or that you are separated from him, please know that you are only a quiet spoken word away from his presence. Some of the most meaningful prayers I have ever spoken were prayed quietly in my spirit. God hears every one of them, and he hears every one of yours. If you are a parent, you know what I mean when I say the love of a child is a love that is unconditional and a love that you would die for. God looks at you the same way you look at your child, and he hears with the same passion and focus that you hear your child.

Wherever you think you are, God is right there with his eye on you just like he has his eye on a little Sparrow. It is a big world, but he knows exactly where you are and exactly what is going on. KT


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