Health questionnaire

If you need a little reality check, just go any doctor and fill out the required paperwork and you will see what I mean.

I just got back from the dermatologist and had to fill out the updated questionnaire. The first page is the basic name, address etc. but along about page three, you start in with your medical history. On those pages you are supposed to circle all the medical issues you currently have or ever had. I took a picture of the three pages of diseases or conditions and counted 92. They cover everything from a sore throat to the worst health conditions possible. As you read those conditions and hopefully don’t have to circle many of them, you quickly realize how much suffering there is in the world and if you didn’t have to circle half the page, possible how blessed you are.

Very often we take our health for granted and don’t realize how blessed we are until something changes. So, if you can fill out the doctor’s questionnaire without too many circles, take a minute and count your blessings and give yourself a reality check. KT

2 thoughts on “Health questionnaire

  1. Great perspective. How often we forget to be grateful, especially for little things–hot water, indoor plumbing, electricity, to name a few.

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