We all have seen and or used GPS devices in our vehicles. You basically put in the location you want to go and the GPS device locates where you are at, where you are going, and how to get there. You can choose options to take the shortest route, fewest turns, most use of interstates or no use of interstates, etc. The three key factors it knows is where you are, where you are going, and how to get there.

In our business life as well as our personal life, we are going one of two places: where we want to go or where we are supposed to go. I believe God has influence on the latter of those two places. See, I believe when you ask God to choose the path for your life that is best for you and lead you to get there, it’s sort of like a spiritual GPS.  In our world, when we have the GPS working and miss a turn, it says “recalculating” and then tells you a different route to get to the same destination. When you miss a turn, your arrival may take a little longer, but you will still get to the same destination.

We have all missed turns in our life, and for some of us, we have been on the wrong path for years. Here is what I believe with all my heart: when we go to God and say, “I have missed it Lord, show me the way you want me to go,” he will welcome you with open arms. I believe like the story in the Bible of the prodigal son. The father in the story was looking in the distance for the moment his son would turn around and come home; when the son decided to come back, the father ran to meet him and embrace him. It’s like that in our lives today when you simply say, “Father, I have missed it.” I believe our heavenly father runs to get us and points the way we should go.

God had a perfect plan and a perfect destination for each of our lives; while we have missed turns along the years, if you allow him to lead, it’s like the GPS that says in a voice, “recalculating” and then leads us to the same destination he had originally planned for us. All is needed is for us to humble ourselves and ask God for his direction. Like the father in the story, he will speak nothing of your past, and he will show you the way to the place he wants you to be. KT

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