Going to work

I got up this morning and was getting ready for work and was thinking about all the things I needed to do and the calls I needed to make and people I needed to talk with. There was a slight sense of dread because some of the calls were going to be difficult and the clients were not going to be happy. It is funny how when a broker (like us) doesn’t sell someone’s hotel for what they invested in it, it is always the broker’s fault and never the owners fault. These type deals are rarely hotels that they bought through us but instead they bought them from someone else and now we get the blame for it. Ha. It is like some people we all know that never make a mistake themselves because it is always someone else’s fault. Ever meet someone like this?

I have gotten off subject. This morning when I got up and got dressed for work and all the thoughts were going through my head, I stopped and realized that one day I won’t have the option of going to work. One day I will not be getting ready for work. One day I won’t go to the office and have things to take care of. One day the work will go on without me and one day the younger folks will be the ones leading the business.

Then I realized what a gift today was because I get to go to work. I get to be busy with life. I get to be involved. I get to work around people I like. I get to have a place to go. I get to still earn an income. I get to still play a meaningful role in our business. What a gift.

Maybe today when you got up, you wished you could sleep a little longer and wished you didn’t have to leave the house. Maybe today you didn’t realized what a joy and gift it is to still be needed at work. Many times the greatest joys in life is realizing the simple things that we already have. KT

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  1. AMEN to going to work. I thank God every morning even before my eyes open that I have a job to go to and things to do . I am so thankful every day for the little things and the big things.

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