Go time

Have you ever known someone who has carried hurt feelings for years and years for being treated poorly, passed over for a promotion, not being nominated, being treated without respect, broke up with, or talked about? You get the idea.

As you can imagine, the person who carries that with them is probably not the person you want to hang around with or let influence your life.

People think that men don’t do this and don’t carry resentment. I am here to tell that I think men are the worst offenders of this because we basically will not talk about it. At least women will usually get it off their chest by talking to someone about what happened. On the other hand, men will just let it swell up inside like a bullfrog and never ever share how they really “feel.”

So to the men reading this–stop and deal with that pain and move on with your life. Whisper the words in your heart, “I forgive him/her, Lord.”

If you will do this, you are choosing the life ahead rather than the life behind and you are choosing to be in the future moments rather than spoil those moments because your head and heart is still in the past. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things that can free you just as withholding forgiveness is one of the most powerful things that can stop you.

Life is moving at such a rapid pace I cannot believe it. I, for one, do not want to miss the moments because of some silly hard feelings between me and someone. The good news is that you, yes you, and you alone get to choose to fix it with a simple forgiveness prayer.

To really explain the next paragraph, it would take 90 pages to write, so read it in the simplicity it was meant.

I believe we see and feel in the natural realm, but if we could see into the next realm of life, you could see music flowing through the air, streaming data, angels, and many other spiritual things. If you could see in that next realm, you would finally understand the power of the spoken word. The words you speak come from your heart. The Bible says that whatever is in your heart in abundance will come out of your mouth. What many Christians do not understand is that the angels operate on one thing and that one thing is the words of your mouth. So, the next time you wake up and want to say “man, this is going to be a bad day because of etc.,” stop yourself spiritually in your tracks and say some something uplifting that will give your angels the right to go before you and make something good happen.

So, for all of you who enjoy strife, envy, and anger, by all means keep feeling and doing just like you have been. For all those who want to be free from past hurts, stop where you are and have a fervent prayer of forgiveness over those who have hurt you and then look forward to the rest of your life. KT

1 thought on “Go time

  1. these are things I wish I had known when I was a young woman, but thankfully
    I learned several years ago that I can go to the Lord and say “Lord I don’t want to forgive
    this person, but because your word said ‘ if I don’t forgive this person you will not forgive me’ so I choose to forgive him/her, please help me” He never fails. Love you son

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